Founded in 1907 Luton Town Bowling Club is the third oldest Flat Green Bowling Club in Bedfordshire, having celebrated its Centenary in 2007, yet it remains forward thinking and imaginative. We were one of the first clubs in Bedfordshire to adopt coloured shirts as an alternative to the more traditional white… and we were also the first outdoor bowling club in the county to set up a Web Site.

We will be very pleased to hear from potential new members, male or female of any age or ability. We are a friendly club with ambition, but don't take our word for it, join and find out for yourself.



A New Season Approaches!

A new season approaches and the guys at the club are busy working away to ensure the club runs smoothly and the green is in tip-top shape. Last year we had troubles with a fox/foxes digging holes in the green and decided something needed to be done about it. With an electric fence being out of the question to due some restrictions, money and safety the club decided to erect a mesh fence instead. The whole club chipped in to buy the fence and it was put up at the end of the season. Thank You ALL who donated!

Since putting the fencing up, touch wood we have had no major holes in the green and it looks like it has done the job! With a few of the lads working on the green weekly, especially Kevin Tift, expect it to look and bowl great this season! Another BIG thanks to Kev for all the work you've done and to everyone else who has helped him. As well as the green looking fantastic, there has been another revamp too and that's been the changing rooms. Andy Geddes and his Dad have kindly re-decorated the changing rooms and cleaned everything up. So the club has freshly painted and tidy changing rooms now, again another BIG thanks to them for doing that!

Aswell as Luton BC being on Facebook we have now branched out to Twitter and YouTube so be sure to give us a Follow us on those platforms too! Links to both the new pages will be below.

Twitter: Follow Us!

YouTube Subscribe to us!

Twitter will be updated regularly like Facebook, but YouTube will be a little slower and will be more dedicated to coaching clips, club bowls tournement clips and everything else video related. So be sure to subscribe for when the videos eventually go up!

In other news our very own Jonny Stokes has won the Disability Bowls England Pairs final with a score of 18-9! Great job buddy!

In regards to website news, there will be the standard updates of fixtures, stats, events and the monthly/weekly front page news. There will also be big gradual changes such as the photo gallery is going to be revamped into more user friendly and organised gallery. If you are a regular user to this site you would have noticed the Player Profiles tab. Well this will hopefully be completed this year with the hope of getting everyones picture on there so newbies to the club and other clubs know whos-who.

Check back in a few days and the fixtures and stats should be all updated for this new season! We will be uploading pictures of the newly revamped changing rooms and the green in due time on both Facebook and in the photo gallery on here. Lets hope we can emulate last season and even strive for more! Happy Bowling folks!

If you are interested in joining our club then don't be afraid to contact us, we are always looking for more people! We are a diverse and friendly club with a lot of County and Competitive bowlers, as well as new and social bowlers too. Drop us a message or give us a ring over on our Contact Page! :)

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